Speaking & Advocacy

Sharing knowledge is what gets me excited. Learning the basics, reasons, and research. Parse it and present it in an understandable way. I speak about Platform Engineering, Developer Experience, Open Source, Cloud Native, Developer Relations, and developer tooling.

Events & Hosting

Organising events is so much fun! Putting together interesting programs, having a diverse line-up, and the best event experience I can for the budget.
I've organised events like: Virtual Azure Community Day, FTWConf, SheSharp Community Day. Meetups, like: Backstage Community Sessions,
Besides organizing I love to host events (AzureLive, Azure Lowlands, FTW Conf), or be involved in the event in other ways. Besides these more public endeavors, I've also organised many customer and partner events for a few of my employers.

Developer Relations & Community

Developer Relations has many more aspects beyond community management and evangelism. With that, stakeholders are many and potential activities can be driven (and have a ROI) accross many different roles in an organisation.
My favourite challenge is to put together a programmatic approach to have the best possible developer experience, the most welcoming community, and add value for the organisation I work for while we're at it.


Content. It's something I deeply care about. Spending hours on an animation, obsessing over the choice of words? Taking your audience seriously is not possible by caring much about content. I write, record, edit.. You name it and I either spend budget or find accomplices and create content without any.

Developer Product Marketing

Wait what? There's no way of marketing to developers! That's not technical right? One of the aspects of driving DevRel and selling products to developers is to have engagements with developers in a scalable programmatic way.
For one of my employers I drove Developer Engagement to build out communities and win heart-, and mindshare at companies, partners, and communities. Some of the mechanics were bringing experiential engagements to first and thirdparty developers, organising workshops, and creating technical content.